Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The future of this blog

It appears there is interest in getting an independent forum up and running, so as long as there is enough interest and we can decide on it's moderation format plus have some volunteers to be moderators we should be able to proceed (if the forum really is closing and it is not some awful practical joke).

My next question at this stage is whether we would want this blog to continue alongside a new forum. I think they would work well together as we would need a place we could post recipes, pictures, tips etc that would be searchable and indexed. We need to consider how, when and who we give access to the blog. I personally feel that any current forummers have already earned their stripes and could request access from the start via the email contact.

Please share your thoughts with us, any suggestions, foreseeable problems. We may also need to consider future growth and how we would adapt to that.


  1. I think having this blog might not be essential, but certainly nice and useful. We could just make a separate thread for recipes only, but that would get really confusing over time with the millions of divine recipes to share. I think, at least for now, the idea of having a few designated moderators for the blog would be best. Perhaps we could assign their duties somehow to divide the tasks? E.g. contact A when you want to post a pudding recipe, B when you want to review a book, C when you have a question about x, etc. (Not as an action plan suggestion, but to give you an idea of what I mean) I do understand this might get difficult over time as well, but at least as a starter, so we would be able to get used to a new routine.

  2. That is a good idea to start with. I like it and it would be workable. A good start.

  3. As time goes by, we will obviously learn by doing what works and what doesn't. But it would be nice to get going asap. I think the same basic plan should work for the forum as well. Having a few moderators, that is.