Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do we want to start our own forum?

Yes we can! Well, if you would like to. I have had a very generous offer from another forummer to assist in starting up our own forum. I like the idea as it means people that do not want to be on Facebook, can still be involved in our old Nigella.com community of forummers.

There are of course concerns about how we would moderate our own forum. There are a few options.
  1. Fully moderated: like the Nigella.com site did. This would need a group of forummers that would be willing to be moderators and to devote time to such a task on a regular basis. I do not see any need for posts to be changed though. They would only not be posted if they were unsuitable under the terms and conditions we set up. 
  2. Initially moderated: first say 20 posts are fully moderated and then the forummer becomes an approved member and no moderation is required. However, if they make an unsuitable post (against the terms and conditions of the forum) the post would be removed and they would become unapproved and subject to moderation for say 20 posts again. (There would need to be a report ability so the moderators can be made aware of a transgression).
  3. Partially moderated: a report mechanism so forummers can report an unsuitable post, and it would be removed if it was deemed to not meet the terms and conditions of the forum.
Please note: current Nigella.com forummers moving over would already be considered 'approved members' if we went with Option 2. Also any option chosen would be fully disclosed in the conditions of using the forum. 

Please let me know your thoughts on how these scenarios could work and any concerns you have. Also, of course I need to know if you would like our own forum. Plus please vote on the poll down the right side of this page.

An alternative forum to use

Seona from the Nigella forums gave me this link to an alternative Nigella forum.


I have just registered as BakingBunny but am waiting for it to be approved so I can't yet give you my thoughts on this alternative forum but I hope it is good.

Cookbook book club - Aug/Sept 2010 Selection

Thanks jeanjean for nominating me and thinking of me surrounded by my just unpacked cookbooks and my pile of cookbooks from the library. I must admit seeing that it was my turn to select a cookbook sent me into a mild frenzy of panic. How was I ever going to narrow it down to one cookbook? I decided my selection needed to have some interesting reading in it, lovely pictures, recipes that would appeal to all of us...and slowly I became calmer and narrowed it down to just two. Drum roll please... I have selected, for all of our enjoyment, Holiday by Bill Granger. 

This cookbook is one of my recent purchases, and so far I have only tried a couple of recipes but they have been wonderful so I want to delve into this book much more and what better way then for us all to jump into it together. There’s a good mix of recipes in this cookbook that will stretch from the current summer in the UK to the depths of winter here in Australia. I love Bill’s opening line to this book: “For me, a holiday doesn’t need to be about going away somewhere; it’s very much a state of mind, a special feeling, a stolen moment, a happy accident.” I feel the same, and food can transport me to a special place without a need to leave the house.

Welcome Nigella friends!

Hello to fellow Nigella forummers looking for a new cyber-home. I thought we could all do with a little comfort food. So here is the caramel croissant pudding for us all to share.

Please do give me your comments on how you would like this site to look, what you would like it to do, if you would like to be a contributor or just a commentator. I have also added a poll on this site to find out if people would like an independent forum for us to all continue our discussions without including Facebook.

Looking forward to your comments.